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Nederman Pre-separator for dust collection

Pre-separator for collecting and recycling of light material as dust, powder and other fine dry materials. Suitable for chemical industry and building and construction industry. The pre-separator can be used with medium to big sized extraction units like Cb112, Cb126 and RBU`s.

The T-leg frame has space for a euro pallet between the legs for forklift handling. It contains a silo S200 with pneumatic opening, in combination with a big-bag holder. This ensure that the discharge of collected material become dustfree. S200 cyclone that takes out 90-97% of the vacuumed material, depending on the conditions and material. The standard inlet and outlet is Ø102 (4 in).

In most vacuum collection and transport systems a pre-separation of the collected material, before the material reaches the filter is very important. To avoid clogging in the extraction unit using a pre-separator is fundemental. The pre-separator is connected before a high vacuum unit.